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COMBO-JET® Dual Swivel Body with high pressure check valve (#40255-P15)

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Wilger History

Wilger Industries Ltd. was founded in 1976 by Wilf H. Wilger, the company’s President, to manufacture agricultural field sprayers.

In 1985 Wilger designed and began manufacturing a multi-spray head turret, followed shortly by the Radialock cap and the COMBO-JET all-in-one Tip-Cap with snap-in strainer. In the following years Wilger has developed several other industry leading products which are utilized by major sprayer manufactures worldwide.

Our commitment is to develop and manufacture better engineered, innovative, sprayer components that make spray application safer, easier and more effective.

Wilger has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Lexington, TN and Saskatoon, SK, Canada. The 42,000 square foot Saskatoon facility is shared with Quality Molded Plastics Ltd., an affiliated company that is a major manufacturer of rotationally molded plastic products.

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