New Combo-Rate® Side Turrets

Combo-Rate Side Turret with Tips

Reversible Design

The nozzle body’s control module can be switched to either a left or right configuration to adjust to any interference with the boom frame or fittings.

Combo-Rate® Side Take-Off Turret Reversal Instructions

Keep Tighter to the Boom for Folding

When compared to the original Combo-Rate turret, the side saddle cuts down the length away from the boom by upwards of 2-3″ for some PWM solenoids. This reduces any chance of nozzle body impact when folding a boom.

Designed for Pulse Width Modulation Solenoids

As PWM solenoids are typically the heaviest part of a nozzle body assembly, having them outstretched away from the boom can cause significant leverage on the nozzle body inlet, especially when a sprayer is bouncing in the field.

As the side turret now holds the PWM solenoid parallel to the boom, it significantly reduces the leverage felt on the inlet.

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