Two Tips spraying straight down with a double-down nozzle outlet on a Combo-Rate Turret

COMBO-RATE® Turrets & Stacking Outlets

COMBO-RATE® (CR) turrets and stacking bodies attach to any Combo-Rate or Combo-Rate II nozzle body saddles.

CR Turrets, thru, and end bodies can make any configuration that helps you spray more effectively.

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Combo-Rate® Turrets

COMBO-RATE® turrets and stacking outlet bodies only work with CR & CRII Nozzle Bodies.
For more information on Combo-Rate nozzle bodies & saddles, click HERE.

Up to 5 Outlets

#41515-32 turret body, with 3 radialock and 2 square lug outlets

All CR turrets are available in 3, 4, 5 outlet versions.

Turrets are available in two configurations, ‘Front Take-Off’ modules, or a reversible ‘Side Take-Off’ module versions. (For instructions on how to reverse side take-off modules, click HERE)

Since all outlet arms are individual parts, turret outlets can be replaced with turret plugs (or vice versa).

Outlet Options

Double-down outlet with o-ring mounted

Both radialock (Combo-Jet® tip-cap) and square lug (Teejet/Hypro/etc.) outlet options are available on CR turrets.

This provides flexibility for users who need both options on the same sprayer.

Outlet Replacement

#41502-05 CR Turret Plug

Damaged outlets or plugs are easily replaced without replacing the entire turret or nozzle body.

O-ring Sealed Outlets

#41502-04 radialock turret outlet arm

Each outlet arm is o-ring sealed, so dust & chemical cannot get inside the turret housing.

Combo-Rate® Stacking Outlet Bodies

COMBO-RATE® stacking outlet bodies only work with CR & CRII Nozzle Bodies. CR stacking bodies come with radialock cap outlets ONLY. (compatible with all Combo-Jet® tip-caps)
For more information on Combo-Rate nozzle bodies & saddles, click HERE.

Thru Bodies

COMBO-RATE® Thru Body (#41110-00). Clips onto COMBO-RATE® saddle bodies of COMBO-RATE® II integrated nozzle bodies.

CR Thru bodies can be installed on any female or male combo-clip (u-clip hook-up) port.

They are used as an stacking outlet on a nozzle body. To complete a nozzle body assembly, either use a CR plug or replace the Thru body with an End body.

End Bodies

COMBO-RATE® End Body (#41111-00)

CR End bodies can be installed on any female combo-clip (u-clip hook-up) port.

They are used as the last outlet on a nozzle body.


COMBO-RATE® nozzle body plug (#41285-00)

Since Combo-Rate® II nozzle bodies have two-way stacking bodies, they can become universal left/right nozzle bodies by using a plug on the unused port.

Having a universal left/right nozzle body means only one set of parts in the cab.

Misc Combo-Rate

#41251-00 Combo-Rate End Body with 1/4" NPT-F thread for mounting pressure gauges to a nozzle body.

Wilger manufactures a number of utility stacking body components, such as the above 1/4″ NPT-F end body used to install pressure gauges on a nozzle body.

Diaphragm Check Valve & Shut-off Options for COMBO-RATE® Nozzle Bodies & Turrets

Diaphragm check valve

Wilger's standard 10PSI diaphragm check valve. Also available in 4PSI and 15PSI options.
Available in 4PSI, 10PSI (standard) and 15PSI versions
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Manual ON/OFF
check valve

Wilger's Manual ON/OFF diaphragm check valve
When ‘ON’, it acts as a 10PSI* check valve.
When ‘OFF’, it turns off the flow completely to that body (*4PSI/10PSI/15PSI options are available)
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Air-Off check valve

Air-Off Module for Combo-Rate Nozzle Bodies
Acts as a standard diaphragm check valve, but when an attached air line is charged, it will turn OFF the flow to that body.
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Open Thread Option

Wilger bodies all share the same module thread, which is compatible with other precision farming options. (i.e. PWM solenoids)
Sharing the same thread as all COMBO-RATE® modules, the open thread is compatible with PWM or other precision ag systems.

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A Note on Multi-Tip Spraying

COMBO-RATE® II Nozzle Body Assembly
With the stacking nozzle body feature, you can spray with more than one tip at the same time.
Multi-tip application can be extremely useful to improving coverage and penetration for coverage sensitive applications.
Using multiple tips spraying straight down can outperform angled split tips when it comes to penetrating dense canopies and crops.
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