Wye Adapter (#40440-00) Assembly

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Adapters & Strainers

This wye adapter allows you to split up your flow into two spray tips at 30° angles for multi-tip applications. Ideal for most fungicide or high flow (but coverage sensitive) applications

Wye Adapter

Splits a radialock outlet to two radialock caps for dual cap application.
+ MORE on dual-tip spraying
40204-00 TwistLock Adapter for Square Lug (Teejet/Hypro/GreenLeaf) Outlet to Combo-Jet

Cap Adapters

Adapts square lug outlets to radialock caps.
Radialock Outlet to square lug cap adapter also available.
ISO Color coded Strainer that snaps into COMBO-JET® tip caps


Strainers snap into Combo-Jet® caps.
40% longer strainer than most brands.
#40473-00 adapts a radialock (Combo-jet) cap to 3 square lug outlets

Turret Adapters

Splits a cap into (up to 3) caps on a swivel.
Available with radialock and square lug outlets.
The radialock cap end of a hose drop fitting.

Hose Drop Adapters

16-48″ long nylon hose drop adapter caps available.
A dual outlet swivel body, with 1/4" NPT female mount. All swivel bodies have 360° of motion.

Swivel Bodies

Swivel bodies can rotate 360°.
Check valve versions also available.

Radialock Caps

Combo-Jet® Streamer Cap

Fertilizer Streamer Cap

Available in 2-hole and 3-hole versions.
Evenly apply liquid fertilizer on a sprayer.
#40246-05 Hose Barb Combo-Jet Cap

Hose Barb Cap

Sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ hose available.
#40435-05 Push In Tube cap

Push-in Tube Cap

Sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ hose available.
Use with semi-rigid polyethylene or vinyl tube.
A universal slot cap for flanged spray tips. Uses the radialock outlet on a COMBO-JET® nozzle body.

Slotted Tip Caps

Use with flanged spray tips.
Different slot sizes available for most makes/models of spray tips.
Available in radialock and square lug style caps.
#40272-05 - A plug for an unused radialock outlet

Outlet Plug Cap

Available in Radialock and Square Lug Outlet Plug caps
#40273-05 1/4" NPT-F Threaded Radialock Cap

Female Thread Caps

1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT Threads available.
Also available in 45° 1/4″ NPT.
Wye Adapter (#40440-00) Assembly
For applications like spraying fungicide for fusarium head blight (FHB) suppression, using a wye adapter can provide excellent results in coverage.
Studies show using two spray tips, one spraying forward, one spraying back at 30° angles provides excellent coverage on some applications like FHB suppression.
Effectively, using a slightly coarser tip spraying forward provides good coverage on the front (and back) of a head of wheat, as given the extra angle and distance to crop, the spray pattern shears in the wind and sprayer speed nearby where the wheat heads are. This sheared spray pattern can then distribute successfully on the head.
For the spray tip going backward, it is marginally less effective than the spray tip going foward, but can produce excellent fill-in coverage on both the front and especially the back of the head of wheat.
So, in short, consider spraying with higher water volumes, with slightly coarser droplet sizes both forward and backward with a wye adapter to get better all around coverage for applications like Fusarium Head Blight.
Notably, for applications that require similar coverage levels but require penetration into a thick canopy, using two spray tips straight down typically provides better coverage.

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