A square mount compact nozzle body with a 3/8" NPT-F inlet and triple swivel outlet with check valve.

Wilger Dry Boom Nozzle Bodies & Components

Wilger makes a host of different style dry boom nozzle bodies and components for any configuration of sprayer.

A dry boom is effectively a sprayer boom that is fed only by hoses, and does not include any liquid filled boom pipe. Conversely, a boom that is fed by pipe/tube is generally referred to as a “wet boom”.

Dry booms are typically used with smaller sprayers, as they can provide lightweight, low footprint spray booms for less complicated sprayer needs.

Different Styles of Wilger Dry Boom Nozzle Bodies & Components

Hose Barb Fed

#40463-00 two way dry boom nozzle body

Hose barb fed dry boom nozzle bodies come in one-way and two-way configurations, in both 3/8″ and 1/2″ hose shanks.

Square-mount and flange-mount mounting styles are available.

Compact Bodies

#40502-00 Compact Nozzle Body fed with a 1/4" push-in tube fitting

Compact bodies are available in push-in tube feeds as well as NPT-F feeds.

Popularly used as in-line check valves.

1/4″ bolt mounts on each body.


A square mount compact nozzle body with a 3/8" NPT-F inlet and triple swivel outlet with check valve.

NPT-F fed dry boom bodies are fed with a 3/8″ thread hose shank elbow/wye/cross.

All NPT-F dry boom bodies are square mount compatible.

Swivel Bodies

Swivel bodies are available in NPT-F, NPT-M, and hose shank feeds.

Available in single outlet and dual outlet versions.

Outlets can be rotated 360° and tightened to stay in any position.

Nozzle Outlets

A compact female threaded nozzle body outlet

Simple, compact nozzle outlets are available in both hose shank (one/two/three-way) as well as NPT-F fed options.

Ideally used when no need for in-line check valves.

Low Mount Bodies

11/16" Thread Mount Two Way Nozzle body

Low mount bodies come in 5/8″ square mount and 11/16″ threaded mount options.

[11/16″ threaded mount in picture]

Available in one-way and two-way options with 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ hose shank.

Boom Clamps

A hi-reach nozzle body clamp for Wilger square mount nozzle bodies.

High quality Stainless boom clamps for square tube and round pipe, in both standard and high reach versions.

5/8″ and 3/4″ square-mount sizes available.

Boom Clamps are available for 1/2″ up to 2″ tube/pipe sizes.

Turret Adapters

#40473-00 adapts a radialock (Combo-jet) cap to 3 square lug outlets

Turret adapters can turn a single dry boom nozzle body into three outlets on a swivel turret. Adapters hook onto a radialock (Combo-Jet®) cap outlet.

Adapters available in two and three outlet versions, in both radialock and square lug (Teejet/Hypro/etc.) outlets.

Diaphragm Check Valve & Shut-off Options

Note: Some dry boom nozzle bodies have in-set modules, and are only compatible with diaphragm check valves.
Wilger's standard 10PSI diaphragm check valve. Also available in 4PSI and 15PSI options.

Diaphragm check valve

Available in 4PSI, 10PSI (standard) and 15PSI versions
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Wilger's Manual ON/OFF diaphragm check valve

Manual ON/OFF
check valve

When ‘ON’, it acts as a 10PSI* check valve.
When ‘OFF’, it turns off the flow completely to that body (*4PSI/10PSI/15PSI options are available)
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Air-Off Module for Combo-Rate Nozzle Bodies

Air-Off check valve

Acts as a standard diaphragm check valve, but when an attached air line is charged, it will turn OFF the flow to that body.
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Wilger bodies all share the same module thread, which is compatible with other precision farming options. (i.e. PWM solenoids)

Open thread option

Sharing the same thread as all COMBO-RATE® modules, the open thread is compatible with PWM or other precision ag systems.

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