COMBO-JET® Dual Swivel Body with high pressure check valve (#40255-P15)

COMBO-JET® Nozzle Bodies

COMBO-JET® nozzle bodies are a compact, durable swivel body that is available with up to 3 outlets, in both COMBO-JET®/radialock tip-cap & square lug outlet varieties.

Main Product Benefits

Combo-Jet® (CJ) nozzle bodies allow for an easy swivel to switch between (up to 3) tip-caps without having to take caps off. This means they are safer and easier to handle in the field.

CJ nozzles bodies are compatible with all of the industries’ Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system solenoids as well. (i.e. Capstan Sharpshooter®, Case AimCommand®, Raven Hawkeye®) This makes CJ nozzle bodies a very cost effective choice for new sprayers or aftermarket replacement parts.

COMBO-JET® Nozzle bodies are fully compatible with COMBO-JET® radialock tip caps. Wilger also manufacturers swivel bodies with square lug (i.e. TeeJet/Hypro/Green Leaf) nozzle outlet options.

Diaphragm Check Valve & Shut-off Module Options

All Combo-Jet® nozzle bodies come standard with diaphragm check valves, but can easily be switched for different modules to customize a sprayer:

Wilger's standard 10PSI diaphragm check valve. Also available in 4PSI and 15PSI options.

Diaphragm check valve

Available in 4PSI, 10PSI (standard) and 15PSI versions

Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Wilger's Manual ON/OFF diaphragm check valve

Manual ON/OFF check valve

When ‘ON’, it acts as a 10PSI* check valve.

When ‘OFF’, it turns off the flow completely to that body (*4PSI/10PSI/15PSI options are available)

Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Air-Off Module for Combo-Rate Nozzle Bodies

Air-Off check valve

Acts as a standard diaphragm check valve, but when an attached air line is charged, it will turn OFF the flow to that body.

Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.

Wilger bodies all share the same module thread, which is compatible with other precision farming options. (i.e. PWM solenoids)

Open thread option

Sharing the same thread as all COMBO-RATE® modules, the open thread is compatible with PWM or other precision ag systems.

COMBO-JET® Nozzle Body Design

COMBO-JET® nozzle bodies are made out of glass-reinforced polypropylene, which provides the ultimate chemical resistance and durability in the field.

Slotted Inlet for Debris Cleanout

Inlet Revision to Combo-Rate® Nozzle Bodies - In 2016, Wilger revised the nozzle body inlets to have a strengthening web across the slotted inlet (for debris cleaning) to maximize strength while allowing for maximum drain of chemical and residue.

CJ nozzle bodies have a slotted inlet that provide full drain on even the thinnest booms, which reduces chemical residue or debris to get stuck in the boom.

3/4″ & 1″ Pipe Sizes Available

COMBO-JET® Single Nozzle body with high pressure check valve and red hose barb cap (#40510-P15)

COMBO-JET® nozzle bodies come with standard 3/8″ inlets, in both 3/4″ and 1″ pipe sizes.

Hi-Lo Screwed Hinged Clamp

Hi-Lo Screw Revision to Combo-Rate® Nozzle Bodies - In 2016, Wilger revised the nozzle body clamps and bodies to attach with a screw, replacing the previous nut and bolt.

COMBO-JET® nozzle bodies have a Hi-Lo screwed hinge clamp, available in smooth and bolt mount options, for easy installation.

Radialock Cap Advantage

COMBO-JET® MR110-04 (Wilger Part#40291-04)

COMBO-JET® nozzle bodies use a quarter turn radialock tip cap, for better sealing under pressure. Compatible with all COMBO-JET® spray tips.

KWIKSTOP™ Raised Nozzle Inlets

KWIKSTOP Nozzle Body (#40258-00)

KWIKSTOP™ raised inlets passively remove air that is trapped in the top of a boom, significantly reducing spray run-on.

Square Lug Outlets

Square Lug single nozzle body with standard (10PSI) diaphragm check valve (#40194-00)

Wilger manufacturers square lug outlet options for swivel bodies as well for aftermarket parts replacement.

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