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Canadian-Dollar Manufacturer’s Suggested Pricelist

Effective October 1 – September 30

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US-Dollar Manufacturer’s Suggested Pricelist

Effective November 1 – October 31

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Some of the previous updated parts over the last while.

COMBO-RATE® II Side Take-Off Turrets

This innovative new Combo-Rate® turret
has been designed to improve flexibility when
installed on any Combo-Rate nozzle body.

It is more compact than ever.
Less weight leveraged off the boom pipe
Extra prevention of snagged components
Reversible design adapts to interference with boom structure and fittings
Reversible to a LEFT/RIGHT version in seconds
Compatible with any Combo-Rate® Nozzle Bodies
Ideal for PWM sprayers and tight boom layouts.

Combo-Rate Side Turret with Tips
Combo-Rate® Side Take-Off Turret Reversal Instructions

COMBO-JET® UR Series Spray Tips

The new COMBO-JET® UR series’ patent pending dual-chamber series spray tips are the next level of drift reduction.

The UR series of spray tips produce an Ultra Coarse spray for applications where drift control the a major consideration.

The UR series of spray tip do not use air induction, and are completely compatible with all spray systems, including PWM.

The URs are currently available in -04 to -10 sizes.

Exploded view of the UR110-08 spray tip - #40292-08; The UR series uses a patent pending dual chamber drift reduction design which significant reduces drift to minimal levels.

O-Ring Seal (ORS) Manifolds

For applications that do not require visual monitoring, using a ORS manifold is a powerful, cost effective way to accurately meter flow.
Compatible with all ORS & flow indicator fittings.
Allows for all ORS fittings that can spin 360°.
Made from a glass-reinforced polypropylene
for superior chemical resistance.

ORS Manifolds available in:
Single Outlet
Dual Outlet
Triple Outlet
Quadruple Outlet
Tee Splitter

O-ring Seal Manifold Examples, showing simple feed in and out options, with the option of check valves. Ideal for Liquid fertilizer kit distribution.

Lock-Nut Style Cap Adapter

ORS Color Coded Metering Orifices

New #40204-00 cap adapter converts a square lug (Teejet/Hypro) nozzle outlet to a Combo-Jet outlet.
Simply attach to the square lug nozzle body
and turn the nut to tighten it on.
Cap is auto-aligned upon install.

40204-00 TwistLock Adapter for Square Lug (Teejet/Hypro/GreenLeaf) Outlet to Combo-Jet
ORS metering orifices with ISO Color coding for flow rate

Precision molded ORS metering orifices are easy to handle, take out and switch.
Color Coded for easy rate checking in the field.
Custom hole-sized ORS orifices still available.

Tip Wizard Updates

Wilger Product Literature & Tools

Tip Wizard has a new fertilizer streamer tip search, ‘favorite’ tip option, as well as an improved interface.
Tip Wizard continues to lead the industry as the most advanced spray tip calculator for broadcast applications.

How to Use Tip Wizard for Standard Sprayers, such as speed + pressure sprayers, auto-rate controlled sprayers, etc.
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Where to Buy Wilger Product

Where to Buy Wilger Products

To find a list of local dealers/retailers and distributors in your area, visit the ‘WHERE TO BUY’ page, to easily enter your address to find local Wilger product.

With the new website, the WHERE TO BUY section has been revised to have better information, as well as allow dealers an easier way to be added to the search.

Sprayer & Application Equipment Clamps

A new offering of stainless steel boom clamps for sprayers and other application equipment (e.g. liquid kits, manifolds, etc.) has been added. They make mounting other Wilger products like the visual flow indicators, manifolds or dry boom sprayer bodies onto a square tube or round tube frame. Find the full offering in the Wilger price list on Page 11.

1/4" bolt clamp for attaching any 1/4" bolt components to a square tube frame

3/4" Combo-Rate Nozzle Bodies

A complete line of Combo-Rate II integrated nozzle body saddles is now available. They come with a standard 3/8″ inlet, and in one-way and two-way expandable saddle styles.

A #41333-00 nozzle body with the new hi-lo screw and webbed inlet design.
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