Hello & Welcome. If you are on this page, unfortunately you’ve been having some troubles using Tip Wizard. Find the below guides and fixes for some common issues that users experience.

As with the multitudes of different users on different types of computers & browsers, sometimes the computer doesn’t know how to properly show Tip Wizard, so it either doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t show anything at all. Please read through the more common issues with properly viewing Tip Wizard, and how to help your browser view them.

If you have exhausted the list of common issues, please don’t lose hope. If you email or call into our head office, we’ll sort you out so you can use Tip Wizard as soon as possible (usually within a minute or two).

Still need help?

What do you see when looking at Tip Wizard?

If you are only seeing the Wilger MENU (HOME/TIP WIZARD/PRODUCTS/DOWNLOADS/etc) and then a little white space, and then the comments in the red color (about troubleshooting and guides for Tip Wizard), then your browser is not letting you display Tip Wizard. Most often this is from using an older browser version.

  1. [Easiest] Use a different browser like Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox if you have one already installed on your computer. Most often an out-of-date Google Chrome browser is the most common problem with Tip Wizard not showing at all.
  2. [Best Fix] Update your browser.  Updating your browser is the best way to ensure Tip Wizard is operating correctly.

If you see the start of Tip Wizard (including WILGER logo, TIP WIZARD/Fertilizer Wizard/Flow Indicators), and it might proceed to look fine for a little bit, and then it will be cut off by a red line and will not let you progress by entering information to get Tip Wizard to work as intended.

What you have can be related to your browser not showing Tip Wizard properly, or it doesn’t suppose iFrames. Less commonly causing this issue, you can often update your browser to the newest version to fix this.

  1. Alternatively, you can view Tip Wizard in its own page without borders or menus. You can do this by clicking HERE.

Often (not always), this is caused by missing a required input or selection. These required selections are noted by the red asterisk (*) by their label.

With that being said, these are some of the more common causes that don’t include missing a selection:

  1. Ensure all selections are made with valid selections (use NUMBERS ONLY for number fields, no need to type “INCH” or units in any fields. )
  2. For Application Rate, Sprayer Speed, Nozzle Spacing & Droplet Size, you can type in a number that is not in the default drop-down menu options. Make sure to not include any text in these typed input. (only type:” 20 ” in nozzle spacing, and NOT  ” 20 in “.
  3. If no results are shown, the droplet size you have entered may not be achievable. For example, attempting an application of 40 US GPA @ 10 MPH, on 20″ spacing and 200 micron droplet size CANNOT show any results. It is impossible to have that heavy of a spray application produce a 200µ VMD.
  4. If you were previously using Tip Wizard, and a Tip Wizard update came through, that can be causing another issue altogether. Commonly, if you perform a ‘hard reset’ of the page by clicking ‘Ctrl+F5’, it will refresh that page.
    1. What causes this issue is a new selection option that did not exist in the older version of Tip Wizard. Since your computer still remembered the OLD version of Tip Wizard, it needs a refresh to show ALL of the options again.

If Tip Wizard has recently been updated, it can interfere with your computer’s stored (or cached) version of Tip Wizard. For example, Tip Wizard was updated on June 11, 2019.

  1. To clear your computers stored website information for the Tip Wizard page. While looking at the Tip Wizard website page, press ‘Ctrl + F5’. This will perform a ‘hard reset’ of the page, so it will attempt to clear the stored information in order to get new and more complete information.
  2. If the first step does not work, you may have to perform a web browser cache deletion (press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Delete’), so your browser removes stored information about the wilger.net website, allowing for the site to be remembered as though it was the first time it was being viewed. A guide is available for this ( HERE – https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic). WARNING: If you are wanting your browser to continue to save your passwords, ensure the ‘Clear Passwords’ option is unchecked while clearing your web cache/cookies.

3. Sometimes it may be coincidence, but there have been situations that an Anti-virus software is actually blocking Tip Wizard, as it is an interactive tool. This is not common, and more than likely it could be caused by a web browser’s version being out of date.

4. Alternatively, you can also try another browser to load Tip Wizard. If you commonly use Google Chrome to view Tip Wizard, try an alternative browser like Internet Explorer/Edge/Mozilla Firefox/etc.

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