In the 2015 season, the University of Tennessee did testing as to get better results in suppressing pigweed (Palmar Amaranth) in broadcast and row crops. The initial findings show using a dual-body with two tips spraying straight down to target made significant gains over traditional single tip or angled application.

[Update for Feb 23, 2017]

For the abstract of the test and article, find it on the ASABE Technical Library HERE (full link: The article is now published, and may be referenced by the ASABE publication below:

Vol. 59(6): 1597-1608 © 2016 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers ISSN 2151-0032 DOI 10.13031/trans.59.11642 1597



For more general information about Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed) can be found in another 2010 publishing on the identification and control of Pigweed in Tennessee.

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