To best select which stabilizing jet that you use in your electronic flowmeter, refer to the below operational flow rate chart to determine which jet size(color) best suits your application. Ensure that your application rate would not be restricted by the jet size by selecting a proper color/size.


Alternatively, if you do not know what your flow rate per row is, we would suggest to use our TIP WIZARD calculator to calculate your flow rate and have a jet color suggested to you. These jets are not intended to meter the flow for you, they provide a stable stream or jet across the paddlewheel to improve reading accuracy and consistency across a very large range of application rates.

STRAINER COLOR & JET COLORS: The strainers on ALL jets are a 50-mesh strainer, which are blue (or previous versions may have been red strainers, before the standard color scheme had changed). This is not to be confused with the jet color, which there is also a ‘light blue’ color offered.

Operating flow ranges for each jet color:

Use the GREEN jet if you are applying 0.024-0.12 us gallons/minute flow (90ml-567ml/minute)
Use the RED jet if you are applying 0.10-0.31 us gallons/minute  flow (378ml-1.17L/minute)
Use the LIGHT BLUE jet if you are applying 0.18-0.98 us gallons/minute flow (681ml-3.71L/minute)
Use the BLACK jet if yo uare applying 0.6-1.53 us gallons/minute flow (2.27L-5.79L/minute)


To use the TIP WIZARD calculator, either use the website menu item TIP WIZARD (and then select the ‘FLOW INDICATORS’ tab to find results for the Electronic Flow Monitoring System below the Visual flow indicator results).

Or, click this link to find the page directly:

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