Dual Spray 4 + 1 Turret for Case IH Patriot 50 series sprayer narrow boom frame, enabling dual PWM spray nozzle body support, as well as spot spraying + PWM broadcast spraying. 41900-MS1 with nozzles

Dual-Spray 4+1 Nozzle Body (DS41)

New Product Information

Wilger has developed a new nozzle body that takes the best of the Combo-Rate nozzle body system, with key changes to keep it incredibly compact and still retain key features for PWM spray systems, spot spraying systems, and beyond.


Core Function: For core function, the DS41 nozzle body provides 4-outlet turret, with an additional single outlet. (So, Dual Spray Capable with 4 outlets + 1 outlet = DS41)

Both of these features have separate feeds from the boom pipe inlet, so two solenoids could be attached (or a combination of solenoids and check valves) was possible with our Combo-Rate nozzle bodies for the last 20 years. The main difference is having the same function in a much smaller profile.

Size and Fit: The nozzle body is tremendously more compact than Combo-Rate turrets. This space saving is both between the boom pipe and the frame of the sprayer, but also ultra-compact underneath the turret, while still maintaining room for the largest PWM solenoids used today. The spray nozzle body is set up specifically for very tight boom frames where solenoids are used. The nozzle body is available in BOTH a left and right turret control orientation, furthering the ability to fit them into even more compact spaces.


Review the release bulletin for more information, which can be viewed HERE.

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