Narrow angle spray nozzles for spot spraying or narrow band spraying, providing a meaningful balance between spray drift and coverage

COMBO-JET® DX series Narrow-Angle Spray Tips

COMBO-JET®  spray tips use a patented ‘all-in-one’ design, so the cap, tip, O-ring and strainer all snap into one piece.
COMBO-JET ER and DX narrow angle spray nozzles are used for narrow-angle spraying, and are available in 20°, 40° and 60° spray angles.
(If you are looking for the COMBO-JET nozzles for broadcast spraying in 80° and 110°, click here)

The design makes it safer and easier to handle, and Combo-Jet® strainers also are 40% longer than other brands, so they plug less.

Every series of spray tip is compatible with all PWM systems, and the drift reduction for each series does not rely on air induction or air eduction to work perfectly.

Component Material
Spray Tip Stainless Steel
Cap Glass-reinforced Polypropylene
O-ring FKM (Standard). Viton® available.
Strainer Glass-reinforced Polypropylene & Stainless

The 5 series of COMBO-JET® Spray Tips

What do we mean by Series?

Within each flow rate/color, we make several series of tips that differ only in the quality of spray (and drift reduction) that comes with it.

The Combo-Jet spray tip family can be visualized as a sliding scale of droplet size. As the series increase, the spray coming out of them gets (relatively) coarser.

Also, it is worthwhile to mention that each series of drift reduction act as a secondary stage to reduce drift to levels that are tolerable for any application.

ER Series

ER60-04 Narrow angle spray nozzles for spot spraying or narrow band spraying, providing a meaningful balance between spray drift and coverage
  • The ER series is made up of a conventional flat fan tip, producing fine coverage and small droplets.
  • ER spray tips do not reduce drift, and are typically used as a baseline for comparing drift reduction in other tips.
  • Ideal for applications which require fine coverage, and are not very drift sensitive. (i.e. Fungicides)

DX Series

DX60-04 Narrow angle spray nozzles for spot spraying or narrow band spraying, providing a meaningful balance between spray drift and coverage
  • The SR series Wilger’s 1st stage drift reduction series, producing excellent coverage, with significant drift reduction.
  • The SR series tip-caps reduce ~50% of driftable fines, compared with the same application with an ER series tip/cap.
  • Ideal for applications which require fine coverage, but require significant drift reduction. (i.e. Contact Herbicides/Fungicides)

Combo-Jet® Tip + Cap Design

All-in-one Tip, Cap & Strainer

All COMBO-JET® spray tips have an all in one design, that makes handling and cleaning as easy as possible. The spray tip, cap, o-ring, metering orifice (if appl.) and strainer all snap into one assembly to ensure safe and easy handling with gloves. Combo-Jet® Tips have 5 levels of drift control available in different series of tips and flow rates. Combo-Jet® are the recommended spray tips for pulse width modulation sprayers.

The spray tip, cap, o-ring and strainer all snap into a single piece, making them easier and safer to handle.

Since the tip-cap components snap together, there isn’t a chance for dislodged debris to enter the tip during cleaning or changing.

Snap-in Strainers [Optional]

ISO Color coded Strainer that snaps into COMBO-JET® tip caps

Combo-Jet® strainers are 40% longer than other brands, so they are easier to handle and less likely to plug.

Coupled with the ability to snap in to the tip-caps, it is above traditional loose strainers.

The Sliding Scale of Droplet Size

A chart showing a rough approximation of different droplet specific spray applications

Since there are four series of Combo-Jet® tip-caps, there is effectively a sliding scale of droplet size that you can choose from to match your required application perfectly.

Tailoring a proper spray plan with a personalized mix of coverage and drift reduction is much easier with the four series of tips.

Serious Drift Reduction

A cross-section of an MR spray tip.

With a closed chamber pre-orifice design, Combo-Jet® tip-caps provide the same levels of drift reduction without having any need for air induction (AI).

A few perks when compared to AI tips:

  • No Air Ports to Plug

  • Lower Allowable Operating Pressures

  • Fully compatible with all Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Spray Systems

  • Fully compatible with air-assist boom sprayers

Tip Wizard Spray Tip Calculator

Tip Wizard might not yet be set up to use ER & DX series nozzles (it is coming in the next future update), so you can use the overall flow rating for a nozzle to determine flow rate requirements and speeds.

Tip Wizard isn’t your average spray tip calculator. It doesn’t just spew out dozens of spray tips with very little information.

Tip Wizard takes your spray application and provides crucial and actionable information that will help you make informed spraying decisions, as well as make tip selections that better suited to how you need to spray.

If you are not familiar with Tip Wizard, it is a spray tip calculator for agricultural and turf spray applications. Simply enter your application criteria, and it will provide meaningful results that will help you pick the best spray tip for your application.

Apart from the website, Tip Wizard is also available on free smartphone app, downloadable on your respective phone’s app store:

Android [GooglePlay App Store]

Apple iOS Device [Apple AppStore]

Best Spray Tip Selector in the World. Wilger developed Tip Wizard to make it easy for end users to choose a spray tip that lets them apply what they want, how they want, safer and more effectively.

Using Tip Wizard for the first time? No problem.

Check out the “Guide to Using Tip Wizard”, which you can download HERE.

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