Please take a quick look, and understand there are a whole host of different levels of understanding of spray tips (and PWM systems), so I tried to take a middle-ground approach and keep it reasonably simple. With that in mind, this might not be the most accurate circumstances for your spray applications, but it should work as a guide what to look for when using Tip Wizard to gain the most advantage and confidence in your spray tip selection.

Video Feedback & Wishlist

PWM Spray Tip Selection 101: 5 US GPA Glyphosate @ 17MPH

PWM Spray Tip Selection 101: 7.5 US GPA Glufosinate (e.g. Liberty)

If possible, so the next video(s) are more suited to what you are looking for, consider providing a quick note of feedback (you don’t have to provide a real name/email address if you do not want to be contacted back)

From this first walkthrough of Tip Wizard, I’d like to be able to get feedback for a few things, so I can make better videos that are more useful for growers.
1. Is this too advanced for you? I might opt to make a more basic walkthrough as well as an advanced version (or maybe even a PRO version which has even more detail and topics covered).
2. Is the video too fast/too slow for the content?
-This might be tough, depending on your experience and knowledge about using spray tips with the PWM system, but I tried to provide a pretty even-ground approach covering much of lots of important info, without going too in-detail.
3. Is this video even useful for you? Is this something you’d find useful if it covered a handful of other applications? (e.g. In-crop contact herbicides, fungicides, dessicants, etc.)

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