Wilger Electronic Flowmeter

New Product Information

Wilger has developed a modular electronic flowmeter that harnesses the function and ease of use of the Wilger Visual Flow Indicators, but pairs it with a digital display for further use with dark liquids, night time applications, or any situation that does not allow for visual flow indicators.

The patent pending jet system to allows the flowmeter to operate over larger flow ranges, as well as provide more accurate and consistent flow metering. It is used with Wilger O-Ring Seal (ORS) components and Visual Flow Indicators to provide liquid flow monitoring in row-by-row (liquid fertilizer on a seeder/planter) or outlet by outlet applications. The EFM is completely retrofittable onto existing Visual Flow Indicator columns.

Given the ability to monitor and correct liquid flow fluctuation ensures farmers can maximize effective liquid application by having repeatable row-by-row accuracy. This becomes increasingly important with the increasing momentum towards precision farming practices in the ability to tightly control crop inputs and fertilizers.

EFM System Costing

As there are many ways to configure an electronic flow monitoring system, for base pricing (without outlet fittings). Note the package cost does get less expensive with larger configurations, as it already includes the base-package’s ECU cost.


Wilger has developed a simple Parts List or Quote generator that takes you intended manifold size, setup and configuration and develop a parts list for that system.


Electronic Flow Monitoring System Release at the 40th Canadian Farm Progress Show

The release of this new modular component has been marked at the 40th Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan. The founder and president of Wilger Industries Ltd, Wilfred H. Wilger, has been an active exhibitor and in attendance for every one of the 40 years of the Farm Progress Show.

Wilfred Wilger provided some recollection from his first Farm Progress Show. It can be read here.

With this innovation, it marks the continuing momentum at Wilger to continue to produce new products that make agricultural application simple, more effective, and more productive for the ever shifting agricultural equipment industry.

With that, we welcome you to join us at Booth 70341/70343 at the show for a demo of Wilger’s Electronic Flow Meter.

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