Agrifac Nozzle Body to Combo-Jet nozzle adapter

New Product Information – July 2020

Wilger developed a new sleeve adapter that allows using a Combo-Jet spray nozzle directly onto an Agrifac nozzle body outlet. The Agrifac nozzle body outlet is different than other nozzle body outlets, and requires an adapter to use any non-Agrifac nozzles or caps.

Introducing the new #40205-00 adapter, which provides the most compact nozzle adapter physically possible when paired with an Agrifac nozzle outlet. Building upon the shared sealing dimension of Wilger nozzles and the Agrifac outlet, the adapter is a sleeve that maintains the centered position of the nozzle outlet and the cap seal, resulting in a seamless attachment.

The adapter itself pops into any Combo-Jet nozzle cap semi-permanently, but can be removed with a small flat-head screwdriver if required.

Other Nozzle Adapters

Wilger has a number of adapters that make adapting a Combo-Jet nozzle body to any other style of nozzle body.

#40204-00: TEEJET/HYPRO/ARAG/Square Lug Outlet to Combo-Jet nozzle

#40203-00: Wilger to Square Lug Outlet

#40269-05: Slotted Cap Adapters for Flanged spray tips. (Available in 3/8″ tips, 1/2″ round tips, 7/16″ tips)

#40205-00: Agrifac Nozzle Adapter sleeve

#40202-00: HARDI to Combo-Jet nozzle adapter

#40204-00 Square Lug to Combo-Jet Adapter - TwistLock Style
40203-00 Cap Adapter for Combo-Jet to Square Lug Outlet (Teejet/Hypro/GreenLeaf)
A universal slot cap for flanged spray tips. Uses the radialock outlet on a COMBO-JET® nozzle body.
#40202-00 HARDI to Combo-Jet nozzle adapter
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