Es un hecho, las pulverizadoras agrícolas se han vuelto cada vez más grandes para satisfacer la demanda de establecimientos cada vez más grandes.

Wilger tiene el firme compromiso de desarrollar nuevos componentes y sistemas para continuar superando las demandas productivas actuales y generar grandes ganancias en términos de calidad de aplicación.

Case IH Patriot 4440 Sprayer with Case AIMCommand® Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) System

Recursos de Acceso Rápido

Folletos y Herramientas para Pastillas Combo-Jet®

Portapicos, Acoples Rápidos y Botalones de Acero Inoxidable Quick Nut

All COMBO-JET® spray tips have an all in one design, that makes handling and cleaning as easy as possible. The spray tip, cap, o-ring, metering orifice (if appl.) and strainer all snap into one assembly to ensure safe and easy handling with gloves. Combo-Jet® Tips have 5 levels of drift control available in different series of tips and flow rates. Combo-Jet® are the recommended spray tips for pulse width modulation sprayers.
COMBO-RATE® II Nozzle Body Assembly
Combo-Rate Side Turret with Tips
This wye adapter allows you to split up your flow into two spray tips at 30° angles for multi-tip applications. Ideal for most fungicide or high flow (but coverage sensitive) applications
Quick Nut SST is the easiest sprayer boom system to build and maintain.
A Manifold for a Fire Suppression Sprayer.
#41403-V0 TWS Boom End Flush valve with 1
A square mount compact nozzle body with a 3/8
A boomless sprayer manifold mounted to a utility truck
#41261-00 assembled with a Combo-rate adapter and 3-way hose shank
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