If the green Highlighted balls are showing the ideal flow rate, the orange ball is experiencing an in-line leak; whereas, the red ball is experiencing an in-line plug.

Wilger Visual Ball Flow Indicators

Wilger Visual Ball Flow Indicators let you identify any plugs or leaks so you can resolve them immediately.

No electronics needed. No costly maintenance.
Just a simple, dependable flow indicator.

Flow Indicators are available in manifold feed and isolated feed columns.

Manifold Feed Flow Indicator Columns

Manifold Flow Indicator Kit (#20460-00)

Manifold Flow Indicator Columns

The Wilger visual ball flow manifold columns are infinitely stackable, so they can be built into any required configuration.

Manifold Flow Indicators come in three different columns sizes, broken down by recommended flow ranges:

Ultra Low Flow Column: 0.01 – 0.24 us gpm flow rates
Low Flow Column: 0.05 – 0.65 us gpm flow rates
Standard Flow Column: 0.07 – 2.70 us gpm flow rates

Isolated Feed Flow Indicators

Isolated Feed Flow Indicator Columns

The isolated feed columns are used to monitor multiple single feed lines. For example, monitoring individual lines coming out of a squeeze pump.

Isolated Feed Flow Indicators come in two different columns sizes, broken down by recommended flow ranges:

Low Flow Column: 0.05 – 0.65 us gpm flow rates
Standard Flow Column: 0.07 – 2.70 us gpm flow rates

Single Isolated Feed Flow Indicator with hose barb cap feed and push in tube outlet

O-ring Seal (ORS) Check Valve Bodies

Wilger makes two styles of check valve body, with 4 different shut-off options available for each

O-Ring seal (ORS) to ORS

An ORS male inlet with an ORS female port, allowing for an ORS metering orifice and ORS fitting to complete a manifold assembly.

#20551-00 ORS to ORS Check Valve Body for ORS Manifolds and Flow Indicators

ORS to Radialock Cap

An ORS male inlet with a radialock cap outlet (see Wilger Pricelist for options), use with metering orifice (#40285-XX series) to complete a manifold assembly.

#20561-00 ORS to Combo-Jet Cap Check Valve

Diaphragm Check Valve & Shut-off Options for ORS Check Valve Bodies

Wilger's standard 10PSI diaphragm check valve. Also available in 4PSI and 15PSI options.

Diaphragm check valve

Available in 4PSI, 10PSI (standard) and 15PSI versions
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Wilger's Manual ON/OFF diaphragm check valve

Manual ON/OFF check valve

When ‘ON’, it acts as a 10PSI* check valve.
When ‘OFF’, it turns off the flow completely to that body (*4PSI/10PSI/15PSI options are available)
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Air-Off Module for Combo-Rate Nozzle Bodies

Air-Off check valve

Acts as a standard diaphragm check valve, but when an attached air line is charged, it will turn OFF the flow to that body.
Fairprene diaphragms standard. VITON® diaphragms available.
Wilger bodies all share the same module thread, which is compatible with other precision farming options. (i.e. PWM solenoids)

Open thread option

Sharing the same thread as all COMBO-RATE® modules, the open thread is compatible with PWM or other precision ag systems.

Wilger Visual Ball Flow Indicator Benefits

ORS Metering Orifices

ORS metering orifices with ISO Color coding for flow rate

O-ring seal metering orifices are accurate and large enough to make them easy to handle, so switching rates is easy.

Custom hole-size orifices and ISO-color coded orifices are available to match any rate required.

Best in Class Clarity

8 Manifold Flow Indicators fed with tee

Wilger visual ball flow indicators come standard with the best materials available on the market to make an ultra-clear, UV & chemically resistant flow indicator.

360° Range of Motion

#20511-00 3/8" Hose barb ORS Fitting

All O-ring sealed fittings can be spun 360° without fear of leaking of pulling out.

This makes installation easy as the fittings pivot to where you need them to point.

Chemical Resistance

Single Isolated Feed Flow Indicator with hose barb cap feed and push in tube outlet

Find the below plastic compatibility chart, which compares TPX to other commonly used clear plastics like PVC.
TPX outperforms all other clear polymers in chemical resistance, cold/hot temperature rating, and more.

TPX & Other Plastic Compatibility

The above reference chart and information is not made by Wilger; and as such, cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

All of the Flow Indicator and O-Ring Seal (ORS) product lines are made specifically for chemical resistance.

With all fittings made out of glass-reinforced polypropylene with VITON® O-ring options, there isn’t much that these flow indicators can’t handle.

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As a pro-tip for assembling a flow indicator system, using a small amount of lubricant, such as liquid silicone on the o-ring when fitting any ORS components together makes it a breeze.

The clear plastic used to make all Wilger visual ball flow indicator columns is very special. It provides the greatest amount of chemical resistance, while maintaining the best clarity at the same time.

Over time, as with all plastic, it deteriorates in long term exposure to UV (such as the sun). To combat this and to extend the life of the flow indicator columns, Wilger uses a UV inhibitor, but to further extend the clarity of the plastic flow indicator columns, it is best to cover them up whenever in use.

Having a flow indicator column covered from UV will significantly increase the lifespan and clarity of the plastic.

Since there are three ‘flow sizes’ of flow indicators, it is important to know which one you are using, as they look almost identical.

How to tell them apart:

Near the top of the flow indicator, there is a Wilger/shield. A molded WILGER logo will be on one side, and the opposite side will show an identifier for the ‘flow size’ of the column.




Don't Forget the New ORS Manifolds

O-ring Seal Manifold Examples, showing simple feed in and out options, with the option of check valves. Ideal for Liquid fertilizer kit distribution.

For applications that do not require leak detection, the same ORS fittings and components can be used with Wilger’s ORS manifolds.

Manufactured from glass reinforced polypropylene, they are durable and chemical resistant.

A customer sent in a easy way to make a ball flow indicator ball remover.

It was simply made from a battery acid tester bulb, with a little bit of tape around the spout of the bulb.

Take a look at the pictures below as an example from our customer.

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