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Find the below introduction to Tipnology. 

The goal of any spray application should be to get the maximum result for the minimum cost.

Maximizing spray application result

The goal of any spray application should be to achieve the intended result, whether it be eliminating targeted weeds, disease, insects, or desiccating the crop.

Minimizing crop damage
Crop damage can result in several ways:

  • If the spray application is not effective, the insects or disease can damage the crop.
  • When the wrong chemical or incorrect application rate is used the crop can be stressed or damaged.
  • Spray drift onto adjacent fields can also result in unintended chemical application and damage.

Maximizing crop yield

Weeds or insects that compete with or stress the crop reduce the yield. Effective spray application eliminates the pests so the maximum crop yield can be achieved.

Minimizing spraying (and re-spraying) costs

An effective application ensures that chemical costs are minimized and re-spraying (and additional cost) is not required.

Tip Wizard is one of the World’s best tip calculators available. It provides crucial information that takes in a required spray application, and gives out great tip selection advice.

It provides which tip(s) to use, what kind of operating pressures and speeds can be used, and more importantly, how operating at those pressures and speeds will effect your spray drift as well as coverage.

Wilger is the only spray tip manufacturer in the world who is able to provide percentage values for both drift and total volume of small droplets, so you can make the most accurate choice in such an important decisions as spray tip selection.

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Note: Tip Wizard is meant for educational purposes, as all testing is relevant, but not necessarily accurate to your conditions (both field conditions and spray quality conditions). Data provided is based on spraying water (80°F) in a laboratory setting. Different chemicals and temperatures will effect droplet size as well as how the spray volume applies.

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This guide will effectively show you the steps to consider when building a flow indicator system. Wilger has a great variety of plumbing and feed components that make it easy to plumb a system as you’d like.


Until the full guide is on our website, by all means call your local dealer or Wilger office for more information.

Given the options of an ER, SR, MR or DR series spray tip in a given flow rate can be confusing.

Simply speaking, after using Tip Wizard to target the specific flow rate that you’d require for a given application, simply gauge the relative droplet size, drift and coverage that each series would give you to make your choice.

There is no ‘BEST SERIES’, as each series is tailored to fit a specific application that is not universal in speed/rates.

For applications with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) sprayers, the capability and options for spray tips multiplies, so for a more advanced rationale between the series of tips, consider the following example:

If you’d like to use Tip Wizard to follow the example, enter the below application rate/input:

Application Units: US Gal/Acre

Spray System: Pulse Width Modulation

Search Function: Search for Spray Tips

Target Application Rate: 5 US Gal/Acre

Max Sprayer Speed: 12 MPH

Nozzle Spacing: 20 INCH

Spray Tip Angle: 110°

Target Droplet Size: 400 microns


Tip Wizard shows the following options:

DR110-04, MR110-05, SR110-06[…]

If a speed range is restricting the pressure that you’d like to spray at, you might opt to look at the next tip size (i.e. from the -04 to the -05), BUT consider you wouldn’t want to go straight from a DR110-04 to a DR110-05. The larger the spray tip flow, typically the larger the droplets that come out of it will be, so even though the flow rate will allow for faster travel at lower pressures, it can create too many large droplets, reducing coverage.

In the example, and shown by Tip Wizard’s next suggestion, the MR110-05 would be a better fit to try maintain a droplet size of 400 microns at 60PSI, which would allow a more significant ‘drift reduction mode’ with an alternate [lower] pressure to use in drift sensitive areas. Overall, we’ve alleviated the speed constraints of a DR110-04 by going up a tip size (to -05) and going down to a finer series of tip (from DR to MR)

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Wilger’s drift reduction spray tips (Combo-Jet® SR/MR/DR series) are not air induction spray tips. They use a different technology to provide similar results to air induction spray tips. In most cases, Combo-Jet® tip-caps can provide more consistent results with less maintenance (or plugging) than air induction counterparts.


Combo-Jet® closed chamber drift reduction technology does not have any air ports that plug with debris; nor do they require high pressures to maintain a proper pattern.

With the three series of drift reduction tip-caps (SR/MR/DR), there is always an option for tailoring your tip-caps to improve your chemical efficacy through your spray application. This is evident when using Tip Wizard to select a specific VMD or droplet size that you’d like to target, with the Tip Wizard results showing the tips specifically used for targeting that same droplet size that provides the best efficacy for your application conditions.

As a simple premise, the series of Combo-Jet tip-caps can be placed on a relative sliding scale of droplet size, for example:

ER series is the finest droplet and does NOT provide any drift reduction.

SR series is the next coarser nozzle, when compared to the ER series, reduces drift by ~50%.

MR series is the next coarser than the SR nozzle, when compared to the ER series, reduces drift by ~75%.

DR series is coarser than the MR series, when compared to the ER series, reduces drift by ~90%.


So, for each flow rate, there are four series of spray tips that provide a choice level of coverage and drift control.

If you notice or think you have a new product design that would provide safer application with improved efficacy, by all means send us a quick email to discuss. Wilger is always developing and partnering with farmers to manufacturers for new product to make spraying better.

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