Full Bulletin for the New Boom End Flush Valve Handle

Boom End Flush Valve
Handle Improvement

By user request, we’ve changed boom end flush valve (BEFV) handle to be longer and have a clearer indication when the valve was in closed position.

The new flush valve handle is completely retro-fittable to existing flush valves, and can be easily replaced.

FULL Bulletin PDF & Overview

For a copy of the full bulletin, either click the image, or visit the DOWNLOADS section of the www.wilger.net website HERE.

Parts Number Changes & Parts Effected

The change in handle is a running parts change for assembled flush valves, so no parts # changes are required.

This handle will now be used on ALL BEFV versions and assemblies:

#25175-V0 (Quick Nut Stainless Steel Tube Thread)

#25176-V0 (Quick Nut SST with reducer for 1″ NPT booms)

#41402-V0 (Case TWS Thread)

Comparison and Part Numbers for the new and old style flush valve handles

For retro-fitting existing parts in stock, or on application equipment, ordering the handle #25175-13 separately (& retro-fitting) is cost effective, and minimizes waste. The older style handle (#25175-03) will remain available for now for any applications that need the smaller handle.

Both handles will be kept to the same cost, so there is very little reason to not use the new #25175-13 handle.

Retrofitting Instructions

It is a simple process to switch an older revision handle with the new one, but special caution must be taken to
ensure proper orientation, as well as special care taken to ensure the screw hole is not stripped.

STEP 1: Remove the old handle with a #2 Phillips screwdriver. (Ensure valve is closed when being replaced)

Example of unscrewing an older style boom end flush valve handle

STEP 2: Replace new handle incorrect orientation. The core’s flat side should be to the left, and rounded side should be on the right (IF valve is in closed position).

The front face of the boom end flsuh valve, showing the core's orientation when closed.

STEP 3: Screw the new handle on, with special care not to over-tighten, or to strip out the screw hole.

The new, longer boom end flush valve handle makes it easier to flush out your sprayer boom.

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With chemicals & ammonia-based rinse & cleaning agents, the o-ring seal within the flush valve core can become dry and stiff to turn.
To alleviate this issue, simply lubricate the seal by spraying a lubricant like liquid silicone up the flush valve spout, and turn the valve a
few times to lubricate the seal.
Good as new! Ensuring the cover cap (#25175-11) is on when not in use further extends the valve life.
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